Robotics - Station 3 "Tighten"

At this station, a Kuka robot tightens the heat sinks on the circuit boards with a wireless Nexo tightening spindle from Rexroth. The 3rd Party robot is connected to the automation via a Rexroth control. The intelligent cordless radio screwdriver spindles Nexo create all tightening data via integrated torque and rotation angle measuring systems. Thus, the tightening curve is also generated. The tightening spindle sends the tightening data to a private (customer or user) Cloud or to the Bosch IoT Cloud, where the software solution Process Quality Manager (PQM) detects process deviations with a rules management system practically in real time. This increases the process safety and supports the digital life cycle management.


- MLC (CML75)

- Easy integration of a third-party Kuka articulated robot via mxAutomation

- SafeLogic

- Mobile HMI VH2110

- Nexo cordless nutrunner

Customer benefits:

- Rexroth control systems can easily integrate third-party robot systems

- Simple and standardized programming via PLCopen directly out of the Rexroth control

Cordless nutrunner
SafeLogic: Efficient engineering
Manual operator panel IndraControl VH2110