Robotics - Station 2 "Load"

At this station, a robot equips the circuit boards with a heat sink. Rexroth automation solutions master all common kinematics, in this case a delta robot. Thus, Rexroth offers a high level of freedom in the choice of the programming environments. From PLC-based PLCOpen via several high-level languages (e.g. C/C++/C#, Java, Modelica …) through to sequential programming with LUA, end users can use the language of their choice. Thereby, they also integrate the 3rd Party mechanisms with minimum effort. The WebConnector and OPC UA enable the connection to internet and IT applications. Operators control and optimize the movements via Smart Devices.


- IndraMotion MLC for Robotics (VPB40)

- IndraDriveMI + MSK, IndradDriveC + MS2N

- SafeLogic

- Ready made kinematic (Delta autonox24)

- GAT for Robotics with HMI IndraControl VDP21 and mobile HMI IndraControl VH2110

- Wizard based Engineering / Programming

- Sequential programming with LUA (OCI)

Customer benefits:

- Rexroth offers different ready-made kinematics and user made kinematics

- Easy integration of third party mechanics

- Free choice of programing language

Cabinet-free drive technology IndraDrive Mi
Box PC IndraControl VPB
Manual operator panel IndraControl VH2110
SafeLogic: Efficient engineering
IndraDyn S - Synchronous servo motors MS2N