Robotics - Station 1 "Dispens"

The dispensing station applies a defined quantity of heat-conducting paste on the position for the heat sink to the circuit board. The amount of process liquid and the position of the heat sinks vary, depending on the component type. While loading the work piece carrier with two components, an RFID scanner reads the individual information. The control of the station converts this information into the necessary work steps. The dispensing takes place via a biaxial handling system with Cartesian mechanism.

The integrated absolute measurement system IMS-A provides acceleration and temperature data for the process monitoring. The transmission of data to superordinate systems for long-term analysis enables the optimization of quality features. The special thing here is the measurement system IMS-A, integrated in the linear guide, as part of the handling solution. It records the absolute position of the axis to an accuracy of +/- 4 micrometers and therefore ensures the high-precision process by interacting with the control. The measurement system is already prepared to meet future requirements of Industry 4.0 due to the integration of additional temperature and motion sensors. The sensor data build the basis for future concepts for predictive maintenance. The end user can then detect and evaluate operating states online.


- MLC for Robotics (XM22)

- IndraDrive CS + MCL, IMS-A

- SafeLogic Compact

- Ready made kinematic (Cartesian)

- GAT for Robotics with IndraControl HMI VH2110

- Wizard based Engineering / Programming

Customer benefits:

- Rexroth provides everything out of one hand

- Solution supplier with Easy Handling

- Drive and Control system

- Cartesian mechanics

Compact drives IndraDrive Cs
Indramotion MLC for Robotics (XM22)
Linear motors MCL – dynamic and compact
IMS-A: Absolute measurement
Manual operator panel IndraControl VH2110