Automation technologies in semiconductors and electronics

Suitable electronic solutions for highest precision in semiconductor production and plastic electronics applications

Semiconductor production

With several hundred process steps and movements in the nanometer range, semiconductor production requires utmost precision. The semiconductor industry is looking for automation partners providing innovative and customized system solutions. Bosch Rexroth's portfolio of new technologies in semiconductors and electronics is considered leading edge in the industry in terms of function and quality for all process steps in electronics manufacturing.

With its Flebible transport system FTS , Bosch Rexroth sets a new standard for configurability: In this system, all electronic parts are mounted outside of the process chamber. This provides a non-contact method for moving the wafers through the enclosed process chamber. The system is easy to maintain, plus the control unit offers the user numerous additional motion operations. Moreover, Bosch Rexroth customers have access to numerous modules for wafer handling , wafer stages , back-end , gantry and solutions for plastic electronics. From jerk-free, slow movements to high-speed position, our systems guarantee utmost precision across the entire range.

All over the world, our customers rely on our dense network of industry experts, which allows us to offer knowledgeable on-site advice and fast service. In all we do, we ensure our clients' know-how is always protected - as Bosch Rexroth's track record of more than one decade in the industry proves.

Electronics industry

Saving energy and resources and reducing costs

Plastic Electronics "by the meter" describes the production of foldable or organic displays, roll-up tablet PCs, and organic solar cells on flexible base materials as well as printed RFID chips. The products are printed like newspapers in a manner that is environmentally friendly, conserves resources, streamlines costs, and is compatible with volume-based production techniques. This technology extends from the laboratory to the factory and opens up an entirely new world of product possibilities.

Key industry know-how

Bosch Rexroth has always been quick to discover and promote future technologies and developments. The solar industry is just one example of this and provides a solid basis for evolving Plastic Electronics . Accomplishing the new tasks in this area requires solid know-how in two sectors of industry: printing and electronics. Bosch Rexroth has acquired many years of valuable experience in both application environments and is familiar with the coating processes in the electronics industry and the traditional production processes used by the printing industry.

Roll-to-roll process

Using roll-to-roll technology facilitates the continuous, rapid coating of flexible substrates with ultra-thin coating layers. Using organic materials could thus dramatically reduce the costs associated with RFID labels.

Bosch Rexroth – Industry experience and expertise

  • Well-founded industry know-how in the printing and electronics industries
  • The specialist in all drive and control technologies
  • Global presence

Numerous innovations, including:

  • Multizone web tension control : For different web tensioning areas in the plant.
  • Web buffer : Brief stopping of a web section for carrying out inspection work, for example. Stopping the web transport process throughout the entire plant is not necessary, and productivity is improved by dramatically reducing cycle time.
  • Inline laser machining: Controller-based control systems from Rexroth make laser machining possible during continuous web transport. This eliminates the need to stop the web transport process in the machine.

Successful partnerships with Bosch Rexroth

  • Organic coating: Bosch Rexroth offers the world's largest automation spectrum for semiconductor production and the electronics industry.
  • Printing industry: Bosch Rexroth has been an automation specialist in all printing processes for over 20 years.
  • Research and development: Bosch Rexroth plays a key collaborative role in research projects such as Solience (organic photovoltaics).
  • Industry standards: Bosch Rexroth is actively involved in standardization committees such as the VDMA OCE committee.

Rexroth is unique in our ability to pool our global resources to provide the service you need. You have access to a team of semiconductor industry experts in Europe, America and Asia.

Our people have first-hand experience and understand the specific needs in every region.