ActiveCockpit - Interactive communication platform for the manufacturing industry

The global victory of smart devices has already changed operating behaviors permanently. Keyboard and mouse have been replaced with multi-touch ready devices, which are simply operated via gesture control.

With ActiveCockpit you have all the relevant production data directly on the line

The interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes production data in real time. ActiveCockpit links IT applications such as production planning, quality data management and e-mailing with the software functionality of machines and lines.

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VarioFlow plus - The innovative chain conveyor system

Cost-effective, customer-specific material transport

Today’s requirements for user-side conveying solutions are more demanding than ever. With VarioFlow plus, Rexroth offers you a versatile, high-performance and standardized conveyor system for use in the fields of food and packaging, health care, automotive and electronics assembly lines and machine interlinking.

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