Comexi: Productivity and profitability – thanks to the Rexroth automation solution

High-level laminating and coating

With the Comexi L20000, Comexi created an advanced water-based laminating and coating machine to provide the best end-to-end solution for flexible packaging converters. Perfect for profitable short runs and reduced time to market. To make all this possible, Comexi relied on the ideal Rexroth automation solution.

Comexi from Riudellots de la Selva in Spain is a global leading supplier of converting solutions for the flexible packaging industry. As personalized and mass customized packaging became an important marketing tool, faster delivery times and the reduction of the products’ life cycle were inevitably needed. With the full Rexroth automation solution, Comexi could perfectly cope with the challenges.

Minimized downtimes, quick changeover

The Rexroth multi-touch HMI ensures an intuitive machine set-up. Together with the MLC controller, it enables an easy switch between laminating and coating functions and a simple operation of the laminating machine. Thus, a greater number of jobs per shift are possible. The IndraDrive servo drives with integrated Safe Motion technology guarantee minimized downtimes. With the use of the full Rexroth automation solution, Comexi could reach 60% time reduction with respect to conventional solvent-based and solventless technologies. Moreover, Comexi was able to develop a laminating machine with compact design and low height – ideal to be placed in all kind of different installations.

The Rexroth MLC controller, IndraDrive servo drives and MSK servo motors enable a precise web transport and tension. This minimizes material waste during set-up and is essential for very short runs. Therefore, Comexi is able to save costs and to reduce the environmental impact. Using state-of-the-art drive and control solutions, the Comexi L20000 makes it possible to deliver a complete package in less than 24 hours. Thanks to the Rexroth automation solution and system know-how, a fast start-up of the machine was also easily possible.


A compact laminating machine that allows an easy switch between laminating and coating functions.


A state-of-the-art laminator specially designed to complement the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press.


„With the Rexroth automation it has become possible: A very fast integration and machine startup.”

Albert Chicote, Lamination Brand Manager Comexi

Solved with

Complete automation solution, including IndraDrive with Safe Motion and MSK motors, MLC controller, SafeLogic Compact and the display VDP 21

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