Your benefits in Plastics and Diecast Machinery

Electric, hydraulic, hybrid: Your task defines the solution

More and more manufacturers are relying on modular machine concepts with which they combine electric, hydraulic and hybrid drive solutions tailor-made for their customers.

Your requirements:

Clean-cut interfaces, equally user-friendly operation features, scalability of performance.

Our offer:

Preprogrammed functionalities for your drive modules.

The manufacturers of plastics machines think practically. They use different drive technologies in parallel, combining their respective strengths.

Rexroth supports you in this connection with technology-neutral advice.

Particularly important: the typical controllers are already programmed which saves you time and effort. In addition, the software is appropriately open so that you can quickly realize your individual solutions.

Industry specialists analyze the required movement profile, forces and dynamics in order to propose the most suitable solution for each axis: Digitally controlled hydraulic actuators or electromechanical axes.

Then our specialists configure complete modules and if required also optimize the controllers. You receive tested systems directly on the assembly line while reducing the effort of your own manufacturing.

Automation modules assimilate via open interfaces of all the available control communication systems seamlessly in any automation. Or you decide upon complete system solution by Rexroth. Our flexible controls support both central and decentralized architectures and have already numerous industry-specific functionalities – right up to robotics for the parts removal.