Rexroth Safety technology

As safe as it gets

Bosch Rexroth offers the universal competence for functional safety with products that conform to all current standards.

The support of machine manufacturers through easy implementation of economic system solutions – in components as well as system solutions including software is given.

Since end of December 2009 the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is valid. This requires a risk analysis for your machine and the calculation of a Performance Level which you can determine simply and quickly with IndraDrive Cs.

SafeMotion for cabinet free drive technology

The advanced cabinet free drives IndraDrive Mi with SafeMotion and Safe Torque Off make numerous certified functions for safe motion available – with and without encoder signals.

IndraDrive Mi uses the safety standard CIP Safety on Sercos. Along with the Multi-Ethernet interface for all common protocols on a single hardware, IndraDrive Mi expands the degree of freedom for a complete modularization. Read more

Overview of SafeMotion (S3) functions
SI-functions EN 61800-5-2
STO Safe Torque Off SIL3
SBC Safe Brake Control Not available
SS1 Safe Stop 1 (Time monitored) SIL3
SS1 Safe Stop 1 (Deceleration monitored) SIL2
SS2 Safe Stop 2 SIL2
SOS Safe Operating Stop SIL2
SLS Safety Limited Speed SIL2
SLS-LT Safety Monitored Oscillation SIL2
SDI Safe Direction SIL2
SLI Safety Limited Increment SIL2
SI-Functions Rexroth
SMS Safe Maximum Speed SIL2
SMD Safety Monitored Deceleration SIL2
Sercos safety

CIP Safety on Sercos safely allows Safe communication at all network levels, including for direct cross-communication. Safety-relevant data is transferred in a safety data container in proven Sercos real-time.

Your benefits:

  • Use of the CIP Safety standard for protocol backup
  • Adaptation of CIP Safety on Sercos
  • Sercos specific safety profiles

Safe brake control module HAT02

In connection with Rexroth motors the HAT02 ensures a safe activation of electrically solving holding brakes.

However, a second hold, operating or security brakes (e.g., Mayr brake), pneumatic and hydraulic brakes and clamp unities, fall fuses and bar blockings (e.g., Sitema) certainly can be also controlled.

CIP Safety on Sercos supports AS-i 3.0
IndraDrive Cs equipped with highest safety level

TÜV Rheinland certified on 02.11.2010 the IndraDrive Cs STO/SBC safety function.

IndraDrives fitted with the safety option modules STO and SBC fulfill the highest security-integration-level (SIL) or Performance Level (PL):

  • up to SIL3 according to IEC EN 62061
  • up to PL e category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1

STO/SBC usages

Applications with human intervention, for example a semiautomatic assembly line which need the highest safety requirements on account of the risk analysis

Functional principle

With dual dynamic sampling outputs, a wiring error in the E-Stop circuit can be uncovered without a seperate detection circuit. Wiring errors which are detected by the IndraDrive Cs activate the function STO.

At the same time, the safety logic of the drive activates the brake of the motor automatically with the SBC function for the safe process interruption until the automatic mode is activated again.

Save costs

In addition to maximum personal protection, the IndraDrive Cs also provides for costs savings, as standard wiring error detection circuits are not required.

Rexroth products with safety technology

The optimum Safety solution

Safety Industry PC

IPC solution with integrated safety function up to PL e/Cat 4 in accordance with ISO 13849 or respectively SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061.