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Innovative engineering enhances efficiency and flexibility

Worldwide population growth and demographic trends are expected to drive a sustained increase in turnover. However, competition in the industry continues to intensify, and that is having an impact on what machinery manufacturers are expected to deliver. Users want the machines to handle a larger product mix and smaller production runs. Reduced complexity based on modular design and innovative automation provides the only feasible path to increased flexibility.

Bosch Rexroth provides simple, cost-effective and safe drive and control solutions to meet this need.

Brand-name products also have to generate emotional appeal. One of the major aspects of the marketing strategy is environmental sustainability and climate protection. Global players try to minimize their carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions during the production process. A smaller carbon footprint is becoming an effective marketing tool. Besides low operating costs, this will provide strong motivation to include lower energy consumption as a major item in the machine requirements profile.