Your benefits

Openness and connectivity

Open interfaces and communication standards provide the basis for the networking of automation and IT. Therefore, we consequently rely on open communication and programming standards for our drives and controls. Rexroth supports you to make best use of the advantages of a horizontal and vertical networking.

Evaluate production data locally, collect data about the energy consumption, determine the status of manufacturing orders and the state of your machine. Thus, improve the availability, productivity and efficiency.

Highest Performance

In the new software version 14 VRS, the Multi-Core CNC system solution MTX advanced now supports the regulation of up to 250 axes in 60 channels with a single CNC control. The Multi-Core CNC guarantees shortest PLC and CNC processing times, even at maximum number of axles.

Thus, the MTX is suited for complex machines with numerous working stations. The increased performance of the control with decentralized intelligent drives reduces the system costs, because yet necessary additional hardware is saved.

Sustainable decrease of energy consumption:

For the automation of modern machine tools, energy efficiency is a hot topic. The Efficiency Workbench from Rexroth MTX offers innovative technologies and solutions, which contribute to the intelligent use of energy and the improvement of the efficiency of machine tools.

For this purpose, Rexroth offers the universal systematic Rexroth 4EE. It combines an energy efficient system design with optimized efficiency components as well as demand-oriented performance and energy recovery. Thus, you can reduce your operating costs every day and improve your environmental balance. Let us show you how we find an ingenious solution for your application.

Improved user-friendliness

Operation, diagnosis and settings for the first time completely via Touchscreen on Smart Devices.

The innovative MultiTouch HMI and the integrated 3D simulation function allow modern operating procedures. The platform Open Core Engineering supports the development of customized Apps for the inserted system solution MTX.

With Smart Devices, machine operators gain an insight into the status of manufacturing orders, recall current machine states and adjust order sequence and number of pieces.

This minimizes the training requirements and increases the productivity.