Seppelfricke Armaturen: Rotary transfer machines with Rexroth CNC control

Cycle Times Reduced by 84 Percent

Seppelfricke Armaturen GmbH is one of the most innovative companies in its industry. With 7,000 quality products, the manufacturer from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, takes a leading position in the market. In order to increase its productivity and competitive edge, Seppelfricke has resorted to rotary transfer machines for the complete processing of many components – with CNC and drive technologies provided by Rexroth.

From water taps, gas fittings, heating and connection technologies to intelligent control systems: manufacturers of fittings have to provide a broad range of diverse high-quality products quickly and at reasonable prices. Productivity and efficiency are crucial factors in manufacturing. In order to optimally meet these requirements, Seppelfricke now uses two BTB TRANSFER rotary transfer machines.

Increased productivity in the long run

The rotary transfer machines are equipped with state-of-the-art Rexroth drive and CNC control technology and prepare Seppelfricke for increasing productivity and quality requirements – with short cycle times, high precision and an extraordinarily high repeatability. Amongst others, the company operates a rotary transfer machine with 10 stations and several cross-slides for the turning and milling of work pieces manufactured at Seppelfricke’s own plant.

Complex CNC control for up to 64 axes

About 400 different components, which had to be milled, drilled and turned by means of up to three machines, can now be produced with one single machine – at cycle times between 3.5 and 30 seconds. One special advantage of rotary transfer machines is the large number of axes with one master and up to three slave controls. Rexroth developed one common user interface for all three MTX control systems and ensured the optimal communication between them.

Versatile and flexible

Every single CNC is able to address up to 64 axes via twelve independent channels. MTX can be used for milling, turning, and drilling processes. The energyefficient combination of the motion control system and synchronous servo motors facilitates precise movements of the axes.

Tough application

Significantly reduced cycle times and increased productivity in the manufacturing of fittings

Ingenious solution

Rexroth drive and CNC control technologies ensure the perfect interplay of up to 64 axes in turning, drilling, and milling processes


„The complete processing helps to reduce cycle times by up to 84 percent. We are also able to manufacture components even more accurately at the highest productivity levels.“

Uwe Schölich, Plant Manager, Seppelfricke

Solved with

  • MTX CNC control system
  • Motion control system with synchronous servo motors
  • Interconnection and integration of the control systems

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