Satisloh: Reduced engineering effort for manufacturers of precision optics

One Control Solution for the Entire Product Range

Today, machine manufacturers want to offer tailor-made solutions for every application – a good way to save costs and increase productivity. Satisloh GmbH, based in Wetzlar, Germany, has realized the grinding and polishing machine SPM-125/SPS-125 for the production of rotationally symmetrical lenses for precision optics, taking advantage of the knowhow and the control and system solutions provided by Rexroth.

With one of its business divisions, Satisloh GmbH in Wetzlar, Germany, has specialized in the manufacturing of machines for the production of precision optics. The portfolio covers all aspects of surface processing, such as grinding, polishing, coating and finishing of precision-optical components. Satisloh is able to meet higher precision requirements than most machine manufacturers in the world.

“Cost-efficient” does not mean “cheap”

The grinding and polishing machine SPM-125/SPS-125 is designed for the processing of concave and convex glass or ceramic lenses with diameters ranging from 10 to 130 mm. The machine is suitable for manufacturers in low-wage countries, but also for global players looking for the best machines to realize small lot sizes and standard processes. SPM-125/SPS-125 takes over less sophisticated process steps from high-end machines and helps to make manufacturing processes more efficient.

Consistent CNC control and drive solution

SPM-125/SPS-125 features three linear axes, one swivel axis as well as one work piece spindle and benefits from the CNC system solution MTX. All Satisloh machines make use of the same control interface and software structure to minimize the efforts for production planning and training. Programming and the commissioning of the control hardware is realized by means of the consistent engineering environment Indraworks. Existing programs only have to be slightly adapted. The engineering effort is reduced by nearly 90 percent, which has a positive impact on the production costs.

Tough application

Compact low-cost machine for increased productivity in the optical industry

Ingenious solution

Consistent operating concept, simple programming and commissioning via IndraWorks Engineering


„An affordable solution for small lot sizes or standard processing, which helps our customers to work more efficiently.“

Joachim Diehl, Satisloh


Satisloh GmbH

Solved with

  • MTX CNC control system
  • IndraWorks engineering environment
  • IndraDrive Cs servo motors (0.1 – 3.5 kW)
  • Sercos automation bus
  • Rexroth ball screws and ball rail systems

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