Pfiffner profits by MTX control from Rexroth

Sole control over a huge number of axes

Until now, Pfiffner had to work with several CNC controls in a masterslave-process for its rotary transfer machines to control and combine electric and electrohydraulic axes. This didn’t represent an ideal technical solution for the company and was very time-consuming and cost-intensive. With the IndraMotion MTX Advanced from Rexroth, the machine builder now has a CNC control on hand which meets the requirements for the first time.

Pfiffner is the world’s leading manufacturer of rotary transfer machines. The company provides its customers the best solutions for work pieces in the high-volume range, so that they can produce high-precision and complex work pieces in large numbers. Yet, Pfiffner had to use several CNC controls parallel for the control of the large number of processing stations and axes. This led to a time- and cost-intensive engineering.

A single CNC control for multiple axes? No problem!

With the IndraMotion MTX Advanced , Pfiffner now has a single CNC control, which can control up to 250 axes in 60 NC channels. This leads to time savings during programming and implementing. Besides, the CNC control offers an outstanding processing power by means of modern multi-core processors and due to a high memory capacity in compact industrial PCs. The safety functions integrated in the IndraDrive drive system made it possible to realize a modular safety concept. The intelligent IndraDrive servo drives and the cabinet-free, decentral single-axis controller IAC (Integrated Axis Controller) Multi-Ethernet valve close the control loop decentrally. The efficient control hardware for all axes and the integrated PLC decrease the cycle times and therefore increase the productivity. At the same time, they facilitate the handling and reduce the conversion to new products widely to software commands and keystrokes. Furthermore, end customers can change the machine configuration on their own. They have the possibility to add or remove functions of a unit autonomously. The new machine software convinced Pfiffner with its high level of modularity. That is why they will apply it in all machine series in future.

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Tough application

Rotary transfer machines with a single CNC control

Ingenious solution

IndraMotion MTX Advanced, which can control up to 250 axes in up to 60 NC channels


„We consider the complete package impressive: benchmark control, electric and electrohydraulic drives from a single source, consistent engineering and excellent support from Bosch Rexroth.“

Uwe Krause, Pfiffner

Solved with

  • IndraMotion MTX Advanced
  • IndraWorks Engineering environment
  • Intelligent IndraDrive servo drives

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