With two CNC channels for perfect engraving

July 2015

In order to grind glass both safely and exactly, Glassman Machinery in Beijing uses CNC controls that can make dynamic corrections for the tool.

If ornamental design is the aim, then the technology at Glassman Machinery is worthy of complete trust. For almost 15 years now, this Chinese company has built machines to work decorative glass, to process glass used in furniture, and to polish the surfaces of synthetic glass. The IndraMotion MTX micro control system made by Rexroth is the “nervous system” here, controlling all the movements and actions of the vertical drilling and grinding machines, along with the CNC engraving machines made by Glassman.

A touchy material

Glass is brittle and fragile. Rigid tool corrections like those found in metalworking don’t go very far – the glass would be ruined in a matter of seconds. Glassman solves this problem with dynamic tool adjustment, made possible with the two CNC channels in the IndraMotion MTX micro. The wear on the grinding disk is determined by the second channel during processing; updating is continuous. The intelligent, digital IndraDrive servo drives, with the Sercos automation bus, further increase precision thanks to fast calculation times and high gain in the control circuit.

Simplicity in control as a competitive advantage

“The technical skills of the machine operators vary widely,” says Peng Li, service manager at Glassman. “Most were not systematically trained in the use of CNC machines. That is why it is extremely important for us that controlling the machines be easy and intuitive.” The user interface for the IndraMotion MTX micro, which can be configured individually, made it simple for Glassman to meet this expectation. Thanks to the integrated Ethernet interface at the CNC controls, several machines can easily be integrated into an existing network. Thus a single employee who has mastered the Glassman software can program several machine tools. This lowers the qualification levels for the operators and simplifies production management as a whole.

Seventy percent of the machines produced by Glassman are exported – to every corner of the world. The IndraMotion MTX micro can operate on a wide range of voltages, between 200 and 500 volts. It can also handle fluctuations in input voltage. All the data stored in the machine can be backed up – and restored – at push-button command. At the same time, the Bosch Rexroth global service network guarantees prompt support: from design drawings through prototypes and even on to commissioning. This is another reason why the systems made by Glassman operate reliably and dependably all around the planet.