Foilpuller GmbH: Accurate protection film processing with Bosch Rexroth automation solutions

Delivered Without a Scratch

Polished stainless steel components for home appliances, furniture, or automobiles are generally rather sensitive to scratches and fats. Foilpuller GmbH offers automated solutions to ensure the protection of surfaces by means of plastic films even during manufacturing. Bosch Rexroth has not only provided the required drive and control technologies, but also handled project planning and programming.

During the manufacturing process, an ultra-thin, hardly visible layer of UV hardened transparent lacquer is being applied to stainless steel components. This film is resistant against scratches and chemicals and flexibly formable. Often, the stainless steel components require some post-processing, which makes it necessary to carefully remove the protection film from the concerned areas. The fully automatized solution developed by Foilpuller cuts the required geometry into the film and enables the accurate removal.

Precise, compact and economic solution

The Foilpuller machines are based on the MTX CNC control system from Bosch Rexroth. This solution enables the cutting of any geometrical shape by means of circular interpolation of multi-axis-coordinated IndraDrive compact drives. Dual-axis controllers significantly help to save cabinet space, but facilitate the control of more than 20 axes. Sercos ensures the optimal communication between controllers and drives. The drive level is programmed in G-Code, because the users are familiar with this CNC language. Pre-programmed software components from Rexroth simplify the realization of customer-specific configurations. Thanks to the overall data consistency, cutting tasks can be carried out just in time and without intermediate storage. This helps to save space and further minimize the risk of damage to the sensible components.


Precise, CNC-controlled cutting process for ultra-thin plastic protection films.


Scalable complete solution with control system, drives, software, and programming from the CNC specialists.


„Essential for us: Bosch Rexroth offers hardware and programming support from one source.”

Ewald Stark, Foilpuller

Solved with

  • MTX
  • IndraDrive compact drives
  • Sercos

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