Your benefits

Partner with many years of industry know-how

Many years of experience in the industry allow Bosch Rexroth to optimally adapt products to meet changing market needs. We also work together with our customers to devise new solutions. One example of this is our range of products specially designed for the automotive industry. Our resistance welding systems, for instance, incorporate an optimal blend of materials to improve safety and energy efficiency.

Better energy efficiency in production

We reduce the energy consumption of users with products such as Sytronix and MTX ega as well as our 4EE system, which views the user's system from a holistic perspective. The 4EE approach helps detect and leverage all areas in which significant energy savings can be achieved while maintaining or improving current productivity. The basis for this is the broad industry and technological know-how Bosch Rexroth offers.

Global presence

Bosch Rexroth is a global partner and can be found wherever the international automotive industry needs us. To this end, our service offering includes qualified contacts and optimal on-site consultation with analysis of all process steps.