Kraus Automatisierungstechnik: Open Core Engineering as a means to program control systems directly in LabVIEW

Efficient Implementation of Testing Solutions

Kraus Automatisierungstechnik GmbH (KAT) is based in Haßfurt, Germany, and offers tailored testing systems for life-span, fatigue, and material tests. For the customization of the machines, the KAT experts make use of the LabVIEW software solution. In the past, PLC motion sequences and the logging of measurement data had to be programmed separately. Now, Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering enables KAT to create PLC processes directly in LabVIEW.

Companies, who wish to stay competitive in the market, have to provide innovative and highly functional products that meet the highest quality requirements. Therefore, many enterprises apply reliable and automated testing procedures today. The required testing and measuring machines are often being customized by means of the National Instruments software solution LabVIEW. In the past, the testing machine’s PLC and the measurement and testing applications had to be engineered separately. KAT therefore pursued the realization of a more efficient solution for the test rig automation directly via LabVIEW.

Increased efficiency with Open Core Engineering

Rexroth’s award-winning Open Core Engineering solution with Open Core Interface makes it possible to seamlessly integrate all drive and control functionalities into the LabVIEW environment. This helps to increase the efficiency and accelerates the implementation of individually projected testing and measuring machines. A specific library, which can be imported into LabVIEW, enables engineers to directly access the control functionalities of IndraMotion MLC and ILC systems. It provides the LabVIEW programmer with more than 550 virtual instruments in his familiar software environment. KAT now handles the entire engineering for the jog mode, speed tests, positioning, sensors and actuators in LabVIEW. Additional PLC programming is no longer required.

Tough application

Simple and efficient programming of PLC and testing procedures in LabVIEW.

Ingenious solution

Creation of machine processes directly in LabVIEW by means of Open Core Engineering with Open Core Interface.


Open Core Engineering enables us to reduce the number of interfaces. This is efficient, minimizes the risk of errors and helps to make resource planning more flexible.”

Stefan Beisendorf, KAT GmbH

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