About Bosch Rexroth

Changing scenes on the theatre, production lines that automatically adapt to new products in the factory of the future, always sufficient power for moving slice gates that weigh several metric tons and mobile machines for narrow forest trails or the largest construction sites in the world: Creating movement is our driving force.


As a global partner, Bosch Rexroth supports mechanical and plant engineering challenges around the world with its cutting-edge technology and unique industry knowledge. Roughly 31,000 employees worldwide work on safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful solutions. For example, they help in the economical production of small batch sizes, or save energy while simultaneously raising productivity. With our cross-technology portfolio, digital services and comprehensive service, we are your partner for machines and plants. WE MOVE. YOU WIN.

Achieving total safety

Safety is a basic requirement for production. This’s why we’ve been committed to minimizing development risks by using high safety standards for decades.


Machine safety also includes data security as this can be incorporated into future products and solutions from which all users benefit.


Development risks can be reduced by realistic simulations of all components and functionalities, enabling fastest possible implementation.


We offer total support, no matter how challenging the customer goal.

End-to-end efficiency

Through dynamic movements and smooth processes, we ensure high productivity. The core of this approach is the resource-savings, maximum availability over the entire lifecycle and optimum energy efficiency.


Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance transform costly downtimes into planned maintenance measures. Simple programming and parameterization save time from the engineering phase to commissioning. Mobile work machines lower fuel consumption and hold increasingly tighter exhaust emission limits.


The result: Our customers reach their goals faster.

Intelligent collaboration

The connected world demands flexibility. Our components and modules constantly exchange information and form a network - organizing themselves and adapting to new tasks. Where appropriate, they form a unit with superior IT systems and the Internet of Things.


Our customers benefit as this enables lower unit costs and the economical production of small batch sizes up to 1. Data-based services or remote service are also possible through intelligent connectivity.


We face the challenges of digital transformation with smart collaborations. In cooperation with customers, machine manufacturers and users, we combine practical experiences with ground breaking technologies.

Powerful, precise, productive

Whether extremely heavy loads or maximum dynamics: our components provide strong solutions with high precision. Beside the physical values, it is important to control this power perfectly with software.


We have teams world-wide ready to solve demanding motion tasks - in factory automation, machinery applications and engineering or mobile applications. Our customers expect a strong project partner, the flexibility of a medium-sized company and comprehensive local knowledge of local requirements and contacts worldwide.