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As a customer, all you want is a simple and reliable procurement process, which is where our associates in direct sales and our many sales partners come into play. These associates are on hand to answer all your questions about components, systems or servicing. Do you want a convenient way of purchasing products via our eShop, or are you interested in one of our eProcurement solutions such as OCI or EDI? Our experts are also equipped with all the relevant knowledge to advise you on these products.

Expert Contacts at Bosch Rexroth and Partners

Make the most of our direct sales service or find your nearest sales partner

eShop: Finding Information, Commissioning and Tracking Orders

The eShop is available 24/7 to assist with managing your orders, and provides detailed product info

As a customer, you often know precisely what item or product you are looking for. However, there are still occasions when you need additional information to help you make your choice. Our eShop provides an efficient procurement process for all customer decisions and is home to solutions from the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, linear technology and assembly technology. The eShop is also the place to purchase spare parts and accessories. CAD data and technical documentation accompanying our products are also easy to access via the eShop. In addition to these features, this platform allows users to track their orders at all times using a simple process — regardless of whether they made an order online or by other means.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Provides a convenient way to choose and order products
  • Is available 24/7
  • Enables all orders, requests and invoices to be tracked
  • Checks all order details, and orders are confirmed in writing via email
  • Ensures security thanks to personal login details and SSL encryption

How to access the Rexroth eShop

Rexroth eShop

Do you want advice on the eShop?

Please find your eShop support contact here.

eShop hotline: +49 9352 18-4120

OCI Simplifies Your Procurement Process

OCI (Open Catalog Interface) makes your procurement process more efficient

Efficiency is a cornerstone of a company's success, and this statement not only applies to the engineering or energy consumption of machines and systems. It also applies to the procurement process, as the automation of certain procedures is also gaining in importance in this field. The automated procurement process, for instance, is possible thanks to OCI (Open Catalog Interface).

This standardized interface for catalog data allows you, as customers, to swap data sets been your procurement system and the electronic catalogs from Bosch Rexroth. OCI is the link that connects your goods management system directly to our eShop. Thanks to this direct connection, you can order items from us straight from your system. The products selected by you are placed in the eShop shopping basket and are transferred to your goods management system once the transaction is complete. The order is then sent at a later point, either via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or fax, as you prefer.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You always have access to the latest prices and delivery times thanks to the connection with the Bosch Rexroth eShop
  • All vital information, such as material numbers and descriptions, quantity, prices and delivery time, relating to the items you have chosen are automatically transferred to your procurement system
  • Sources of errors are reduced as fewer manual entries are necessary
  • As a general rule, no changes are required to your procurement system in order to implement OCI
  • Complex items that require additional information have special configuration rules and tailored search screens
  • You do not incur any additional costs for hardware and software

Do you want personalized advice about OCI?

Contact the OCI advisor team via email (contact form)

You can get advice on OCI over the phone on: +49 9352 18-4120

EDI – Speedy and Reliable Order Transfers

Automate your order processes with EDI

Manually processing orders is often time consuming and prone to errors. However, thanks to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI for short), you as a customer can process your orders using an electronic, standardized process. In order for you to do this, any data related to the order is automatically sent from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to us in a defined message format; the notification is sent using a previously specified communication channel. As soon as the data is received, it is then automatically converted into the required target format and sent for further processing. You will therefore receive immediate confirmation of your order, as well as the current delivery time.

Bosch Rexroth supports the following standards for communication using EDI:

OFTP2, AS2, OFTP-ISDN, TeleboxX.400, SFTP, https und eMail.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Your workload is reduced as it is no longer necessary to make manual data entries
  • It is much easier to processing your order and the flow of information as worksteps are kept to a minimum
  • You design your procurement process to be more reliable and therefore receive improved data quality
  • The electronic delivery note provides you with greater transparency regarding the delivery of your goods

Do you want personalized advice about EDI?

Contact our EDI advisors over the phone (+49 9352 18-4172) or via email (contact form)

Are you interested in an EDI connection?

Then please send us the completed customer questionnaire.


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