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Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit

Your Rexroth Resource Kit includes

  • Case studies
  • Technical papers
  • Videos
  • Useful online tools

* Resource Kits are available for Canadian Customers only

Expert insight and technology for today's demanding mobile machinery markets

Improve the efficiency, versatility and performance of your next-generation machines through the advanced hydraulics technology and cutting-edge engineering solutions from the world leader in mobile hydraulics solutions: Bosch Rexroth.

Your Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit contains a specially-selected archive of articles, videos, product information and online resources focused on the challenges mobile machine designers face today.

Whether for improving energy efficiency, responding to the demands of TIER 4 Final in 2014 or simply creating a better machine, these resources can help you engineer cutting-edge solutions—from construction machinery to commercial on-highway, and from agricultural equipment to material handling mobile machines.

Benefit from the unique engineering solutions Bosch Rexroth has developed for some of today’s most demanding mobile technology—like a free download of our Compact Hydraulics Configuration Tool. You’ll also receive informative case studies that demonstrate how Rexroth’s mobile hydraulics technology has benefitted leading machine builders and end-users in multiple industries.

Special Offer: Included in your Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit is our new 44-page Oil Cleanliness Pocket Reference Guide, with useful information on filtration basics, maintenance, ISO standards, contaminants and more.

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* Resource Kits are available for Canadian Customers only

The Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit includes:

Past & future: Case studies and plans for growth

  • Mining a Miracle: Schramm drilling rig frees Chilean miners
  • Following the work – Telehandler 2+1 drive concept developed by Rexroth
  • Mining machine transporter: 200 tons of sheer strength
  • Lasting the life of a forklift – Lift & material handling with hydrostatic drives
  • The Hidden Beast: CAb motors
  • Stop the Engine: First wheel loader with automation start/stop system to reduce fuel consumption

Current technology: Technical papers

  • The new generation of downsizing
  • CHoose your compact mobile hydraulics solution
  • Mobile Machines: Options for driving hydraulic pumps
  • BODAS – Networking of hydraulics and mobile electronics
  • High-Efficiency Traction control for compact vehicles
  • Boost the effectiveness of exhaust gas treatment
  • Shift on Fly for hydrostatic transmissions
  • A heart for excavators: RS control block platform gives compact excavators energy savings and true responsiveness
  • BODAS AFC Version 30 Fan Control
  • BODAS-drive DRC Version 40 Hydrostatic Drivetrain Control
  • LUDV High Performance Flow Sharing System
  • Hydraulic Traction Assistant
  • Hydraulic Stop Start Technology
  • High Efficiency Traction Control

Try it yourself: Tools & online resources

  • Control Software: Control Software: BODAS Service Tool (Demo — install to PC)
  • Control Software: Control Software: BODAS Programming Tool (Demo — install to PC)
  • Filtration & Oil Cleanliness Portal
  • M4 Directional Control Valve Configurator
  • External Gear Unit Configurator
  • CHoose: Our Compact Hydraulics Configuration Tool - Web link to CHoose site - get the free download!

Watch and share: Links to online videos

  • We are Bosch Rexroth. The Drive & Control Company.
  • The Challenge of TIER 4 Final – Rexroth solution overview
  • Mobile Hydraulic Solutions – Functional Model
  • SILENCE PLUS External Gear Pumps
  • A1VO Variable Displacement Pump
  • Hägglunds CBM – The most powerful direct drive in the world
  • The Hidden Beast
  • Hydrostatic fan drive systems
  • Hydraulic Start-Stop (HSS)
  • High Efficiency Traction Control (HET)
  • Hydromechanical Variable Transmission (HVT)
  • 8000 Series Transmission Units for Pavers
  • Shift on Fly (SOF)

Now & future: Informative presentations (Mobile 2012 Conference)

  • A Boost in Productivity – Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators (.pdf)
  • Power and the Sound of Silence – The Latest Pump Developments (.pdf)
  • Doing More with Less – The Next Generation of Downsizing (.wmv)
  • Gear Up – The Latest Development in Transmission Units (.pdf)
  • A New Dimension in Four-Wheel Driving – Hydraulic Traction Assistant for Trucks (.pdf)
  • Don’t Stop – Shift on Fly (.wmv)
  • From Components to Systems – Hydromechanical Variable Transmission (.wmv)
  • Electronics in Mobile Machinery – Hydraulics... What Now? (.pdf)
  • Keep it Simple – Hydraulic Hybrid Solutions (.pdf)
  • Speed! CHoose your Compact Hydraulics Solution (.wmv)

Literature links

  • High-efficiency hydraulic solutions for TIER 4 Final
  • Rexroth 4EE for energy efficiency
  • A1VO Variable Axial Piston Pump
  • Rineer High Torque Vane Motors
  • Load-sensing M4 control block – get it through the Rapid Production Program!
  • Tough application, ingenious solution – Innovations from Bosch Rexroth
  • Service and Repair – Expert Rexroth Technology Centers
  • Step into the future with Hägglunds CBM
  • Unmatched power density with Hägglunds CAb
  • Hagglunds Drive Systems
  • Control Block EDC – Flow Sharing System
  • Mobile Electronics - AFC45 Fan Control Software for the RC4-5 Controller
  • Mobile Electronics - DSD45 Dual Solenoid Driver Software for the RC4-5 Controller
  • A6VM Series 65 Axial Piston Variable Motor
  • ML-18 Load Sensing Control Block

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