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Advancing Factory Automation Kit

Your Rexroth Resource Kit includes

  • Case studies
  • Technical papers
  • Videos
  • Useful online tools

* Resource Kits are available for Canadian Customers only

Advance the performance of your next automation solution

Today’s automation-driven factories need smarter, more productive technologies, support for ultra-fast changeovers and greater flexibility, plus increasing demands for improved energy efficiency and machine safety.

The Advancing Factory Automation Kit provides a specially selected array of Rexroth automation case studies, technical papers, videos and links to Rexroth online resources—unique tools and engineering insight selected by the Rexroth automation experts to help you advance the performance and value of your automation solutions.

Special Offer: The kit also includes your exclusive hard copy of the Special Machine Tool Application Excerpt from 10 steps to performance level: Handbook for the implementation of functional safety according to ISO 13849. This detailed and informative 250+ page handbook was created by Bosch Rexroth to help reduce the time, complexity and cost of developing machine safety systems. The excerpt contains the complete text of the Machine Tool Application example from the handbook.

Benefit from our insight into key factory automation issues–such as our informative “Key Advantage of Sercos III” technical paper—plus case studies that demonstrate real-world solutions Rexroth helped develop for applications in multiple industries. When it's time to take your factory's automation to the next level, turn to Rexroth.

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* Resource Kits are available for Canadian Customers only

The Advancing Factory Automation Kit includes:

Case studies

  • Pride Engineering five axis die grinder with IndraMotion MTX
  • Robotics makes the right move for Medifast
  • Pedigree Ovens expands business with Veronica cartoner
  • Kangaroo Brands boosts pita pocket production with Veronica cartoner
  • Controls retrofit boosts printing production for packaging manufacturer
  • J. G. Weisser: Increased efficiency with decentralized control solution

Technical papers

  • Electric Drive technology for plastics machines
  • How Adaptive Systems unlock big productivity gains
  • Understanding IEC 611-31 programming
  • Industrial Ethernet: the key advantages of SERCOS III
  • Open Core Engineering adds new freedom to machine automation programming
  • Safety from a systems integrator perspective
  • Choosing a Servo architecture: What’s best for your application?

YouTube video links

  • We are Bosch Rexroth. The Drive and Control Company.
  • IndraMotion MTX CNC micro
  • IndraDrive ML video
  • What can Open Core Engineering do for you?
  • NYCe 4000 motion control system
  • Slosh reduction via active vibration damping demo
  • PMC paper cup machine
  • Vibration Damping: Motion Control Technology Demo
  • Electric Drive and Control repair – follow your product

Tools and resources

  • Safety in factory automation
  • Energy efficiency in factory automation
  • Automation Productivity
  • Factory Automation Service & Repair
  • IndraSize
  • IndraWorks
  • Online 2D/3D CAD models
  • Open Core Engineering

Brochures & Catalogs

  • IndraDrive ML brochure
  • IndraDrive Mi
  • IndraMotion MTX
  • IndraMotion MTX micro
  • Open Core Engineering – Freedom and efficiency redefined
  • Safety on board
  • IndraDrive Drive System Catalog
  • Service Factory Automation Brochure
  • IndraMotion MLC Control
  • IndraMotion MLD
  • IndraDrive Cs
  • IndraDyn MCL linear motor
  • IndraMotion MLC control
  • MLC for hydraulics drives
  • IndraControl SLc – Safety PLC
  • IndraLogic XLC

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