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Industrial Hydraulics

Training Program

Bosch Rexroth is committed to quality fluid power training. Based on this commitment, our Training Department has developed a series of courses that are aimed at meeting the training needs of industry. Our course offerings are targeted toward those individuals who maintain hydraulic systems and those who design new systems or want to upgrade existing systems with new technology.

A solid grasp of the fundamentals is paramount in understanding any technology.

The information presented in our 101 seminars will by far surpass any previous trades training and we strongly recommend that all participants begin here.

What course is the best for me? Knowledge

Online training
Code Description
eHTG Hydraulic Basics (eLearning)
All basic hydraulic principles covered in a web based training
Training courses
Training Description
HYi-101 Formerly POH
An introduction and comprehensive overview of industrial hydraulic technology
HYi-201 Formerly MRS
Maintenance personnel learn proper methods of commissioning, maintaining and trouble-shooting industrial hydraulic systems
HYi-202 Formerly DCH
Advanced maintenance technicians and hydraulic project engineers learn the aspects of efficient system/circuit design as well as component selection and sizing
HYi-301 Formerly PPM
Sizing, application, commissioning and troubleshooting fixed and variable displacement piston pumps and motors in open, closed and semi-closed industrial hydraulic circuits
HYi-302 Formerly PCT
Introduction and thorough overview of proportional valves and control electronics for advanced technicians, designers and engineers
HYi-303 Formerly PCD
Design concepts for proper selection, sizing and application of proportional and high response valves