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Joystick Controller

Two & Three Axis Joystick Controller

The Rexroth 140 is a compact modular joystick control system incorporating an integral arm rest/power switch housing built around a remote mounted power and electronic driver card distribution centre.

The Rexroth 140 console supports up to 18 proportional axis, has 16 high powered relayed outputs each rated at 10 amps, and can accommodate up to 18 independent switch functions. Easy solenoid nulling is standard, accessible through a locking key switch, allowing individual nulling of each axis, and saving individual null set points.

All truck hydraulic systems are fully supported including power float and low oil override. All switches are illuminated and legend inscribed.

The modular system allows up to three individual joystick modules to be banked onto one console. There is also the option of a single multi-function joystick with a remote mounted status/function indicator display.