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CS 550 Anti-Icing Controller:

The latest in closed loop spreader technology, the CS 550 controller provides closed loop liquid control. It controls liquid and boom ball valve with 3 switches right on the screen. It incorporates a large 7” LCD touch screen graphics display for easy operator reference, and provides full access to liquid rate and system status information at a glance.

System setup is accomplished through the user friendly touch driven screens right on the controller. Alternatively, it can be done with easy-to-use advanced PC based configuration software, which can be transferred to the CS 550 controller through a USB data stick provided with the unit. The USB data stick also allows easy controller access in the field for system setup and logged data retrieval.

The CS 550 controller features auto-nulling of all proportional outputs and auto calibration of liquids, as well as one touch verification.


  • Full CAN-bus system
  • 3 Boom Switch Buttons right on the screen
  • 3 Digital outputs for ball valve ON/OFF Control
  • Display Screen
  • Glass/film/glass 5-wire touch screen, hardness of 7H
  • 7” Wide VGA 800x480 pixels, 262144 colors
  • Adjustable backlight, brightness of 400 cd/m²
  • 1.5 Watt amplifier with adjustable voice feedback
  • Detented knob, metal housing, stainless shaft, rotation torque of 8 oz-in
  • USB encrypted security key for setup and data logging
  • Auto-null, Auto-Calibration, and Auto-Catch Test
  • Built-in ground speed simulator
  • Supports infra-red temp sensors
  • All wiring harness have integrated molded diagnostic LEDs
  • All sensor leads are corrosion resistant
  • All valve outputs use AMP Junior Timer connectors