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CS 550/150 Spreader/Joystick Controller

One system does it all, a CANbus based single integrated solution for spreader and joystick function


  • Full CAN-bus system
  • Ability to simultaneously control spreader and joystick functions:
    - Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Anti-icing/Auto Gate/Reverse
    - Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Cross Conveyor
    - Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Chute
    - Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Air Gate

  • Display Screen
    - Glass/film/glass 5-wire touch screen, hardness of 7H
    - 7” Wide VGA 800x480 pixels, 262144 colors
    - Adjustable backlight, brightness of 400 cd/m²
  • 1.5 Watt amplifier with adjustable voice feedback
  • 3 detented knobs, metal housing, stainless shaft, rotation torque of 8 oz-in
  • USB encrypted security key for setup and data logging
  • Auto-null, Auto-Calibration, and Auto-Catch Test
  • Built-in ground speed simulator
  • Supports infra-red temp sensors
  • All wiring harness have integrated molded diagnostic LEDs
  • All sensor leads are corrosion resistant
  • All valve outputs use AMP Junior Timer connectors

A next generation system, the CS 550/150 system provides for total system control, flexible programming, and compact design for ease of use and installation.

The CS 550/150 integrated system along with the accompanying RC controller both comply to the same rigorous Mechanical, Electronic and Environmental standards. Extensive compliance testing ensures that the CS 550/150 system’s electronic components will provide trouble free operation in the harshest of conditions.

The CS 550/150 is capable of controlling 4 spreader functions (spinner, granular, prewet, and 3 boom anti-icing), along with 14-channel (plow, wing, hoist, scraper, tarp, ...) hydraulics function control simultaneously.

The CS 550 controller incorporates 3 robust detented knobs for operators to select without having to take their eyes off the road. The display incorporates a 7" scratch resistant touch enabled LCD screen that displays all the spreading and joystick function information for operators to view and access. The screen automatically switches between spreader and joystick mode depending on what function(s) are being activated.

The system utilizes a single 3-axis joystick to control all functions. The voice feedback feature confirms to the operator what function has been activated as soon as the operator touches the joystick deadman safety switch, or makes an adjustment or change to the spreader settings.

Even with the extensive operating capabilities of the CS 550/150, set up could not get any easier with the intuitive screen layout. Once system functions are selected all the spreader calibration is done on a SINGLE SCREEN. As well, all the joystick function calibration can be set up on the same SINGLE SCREEN. System set up can also be accomplished in minutes with a laptop computer from a remote setting, which displays all operating parameters in logical groups, and in full text format. A USB memory stick allows for easy controller access in the field for system setup and logged data retrieval.

The CS 550/150 has built-in WiFi and GPS capability that allows for GPS tracking and wireless data transfer.