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CS 440 Solid and Liquid Controller


  • Large, adjustable, bright graphics VFD display
  • 4 solid material selections, with 9 application rate settings
  • 4 liquid material selections, with 9 application rate settings
  • 9 spinner speed settings
  • Blast and Pause functions integrated into the rate knob selector for ease of use

  • Stationary unload for both solid and liquid materials
  • Input status indicators, 6 fixed and 2 user defined
  • Modular mounting capability, compact design
  • System configuration through advanced PC based software
  • Parameter and Logged Data reporting through an infra red link
  • Firm ware upgrade through a PC link
  • Key and optional pass word protection to access system settings
  • Remotely located valve driver and microcontroller for a compact design
  • Microcontroller conforms to electrical and environmental test standards.

Advanced Functions:

  • Auto-nulling of proportional outputs
  • Auto-calibration of both solid and liquid materials
  • Gate position read back with automatic conveyor speed adjustment
  • Solid material rate reduction adjustable with pre-wet
  • Ability to read both pavement and ambient temperature
  • Compensates for road temperature
  • Adjustable dither frequency for all proportional outputs
  • Screen intensity adjustable for day/night driving
  • GPS interface capabilities
  • Customer specific, default operating parameter settings
  • 4 conveyor operating modes

On Screen Data Display:

  • Solid application rate and control mode
  • Liquid application rate and control mode
  • Solid material selected
  • Liquid material selected
  • Spinner setting
  • Gate setting
  • Temperature readout, pavement and ambient
  • Wireless download of log data (optional)
  • Three boom anti-icing configurable
  • Driver I.D. feature
  • Trip summary report