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CS 420RC Solid Controller


  • 2 proportional PWM outputs (spinner, conveyor + reverse)
  • Full transient suppression on all outputs
  • Parameter based programming
  • Programming key to protect calibration values
  • 9 spinner and 9 conveyor settings

  • Conveyor reverse function
  • Material calibration for open and closed loop operation
  • Pause and blast integrated into the selector dials
  • Pause and blast indicators
  • Remote pause and blast actuation
  • Remotely located valve driver and microcontroller for a compact installation

Advanced Functions:

  • Large backlit LCD display
  • On-screen descriptions of parameters
  • Parameter adjustment through tactile buttons
  • Adjustable blast setting
  • On-screen vehicle speed calibration
  • 5 operator modes
  • Auto-nulling in closed loop operation
  • Audible error indication with text explanation
  • Current compensated and protected outputs
  • Solenoid and cable failure detection
  • Firmware upgradeable via PC link