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Construction Machinery

Efficiency up, emissions down: Bosch Rexroth provides fitting solutions for construction machinery manufacturers

- Specific answers to emission regulations such as US TIER 4 final and Euro Stage IV
- Lower fuel consumption and optimum system dynamics with DHC

Excavators, wheel loaders, pavers or concrete mixers – construction machinery has to combine maximum performance and precision. This requires high-performance drive and control systems. Moreover, with rising energy costs, high efficiency levels are imperative as well. At the same time, emissions must be lowered significantly and the specific requirements of regional markets need to be met. Faced with all these challenges, the construction machinery industry can rely on Bosch Rexroth and the company's long years of system know-how, application experience and innovative products.

Electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drives from Bosch Rexroth reliably keep combustion engines at their optimum operating temperature, even under the most difficult operating conditions. This enables fuel consumption to be lowered by up to five percent. As a result, hydrostatic fan drives enable operators to comply with regulatory requirements such as TIER 4 final and Euro Stage IV.

Another example: The Diesel Hydraulic Control (DHC) functional module ensures that diesel engine and hydraulics work together in the most efficient way possible. This increases the machine's overall efficiency and provides the exact amount of energy needed. With DHC and other Rexroth solutions, manufacturers and users can lower their machines' fuel consumption significantly – with optimum system dynamics.

Our customers around the globe expect solutions that are tailored to the needs of their respective market. Through our worldwide network, we develop and produce precisely such solutions, always in close proximity to manufacturers and their specific challenges.