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Materials Handling

Custom-fit materials handling solutions by Bosch Rexroth for moving loads efficiently and safely

- Solutions to keep things moving
- tailor-made drive systems adjust to your tasks and materials
- Offering fine-tuned control as well as durability

No matter what it is you handle, moving things in bulk means unique challenges for your equipment. Whether loading, unloading or transporting between processes, you need fine-tuned control as well as durability. Bosch Rexroth gives you a match of skill and strength. Our system solutions adjust to your tasks and materials, running slowly or quickly, backwards or forwards.

In fact, they ensure excellent operation in all types of machinery and equipment. So you can get your materials where you need them – in the way that you need to. If anything gets in your way, we can provide solutions to handle that as well. From shock loads and sudden stops to smooth starts and rapid action, our systems are built to expect the unexpected.