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Entry Opportunities

Have you recently celebrated your successful graduation from school or college? Are you in the middle of your university studies or at the end? Or are you already an expert in your topic and looking for a new challenge? Whatever stage you are at in your phase of life: your individual skills, your personality and your commitment are important for us.

High School Students

Are you looking for a reliable partner for the start of your career? We’re here for you!

Whether there is a tunnel to be drilled, waste to be recycled or clean energy to be generated: our technologies are applied in almost every industry and every country. What does this mean to you? An exciting future in an international company offering a secure professional environment

and the opportunity to become an expert in your field. The key to this is a professional apprenticeship involving close mentoring and a good chance of being hired afterwards. As a technology company, our broad range of projects is particularly attractive to people who like to work with their hands and are fascinated by technology and electronics. But if you prefer business topics, we also have interesting responsibilities for you.

Should your first step into the professional world lead you to Bosch Rexroth? In addition to leaving school with good grades in the subjects relevant to the apprenticeship, you should be able to demonstrate your creativity and curiosity, enjoy learning and can work both accurately and independently. Does this sound like you?

Please apply via our job market! Join us after your graduation and help set the world in motion!

University Students

A broad range of topics and challenging tasks - also for students

Whether you come to us as a student of engineering, business or the natural sciences: as a student at Bosch Rexroth you'll do more than simply look over the shoulder of more experienced colleagues or specialists.

Instead, you’ll make an active contribution, assume responsibility for your own tasks and even small projects. You’ll find out for yourself how challenging it is to develop and produce top technological achievements or to keep an international market leader on top of its game.

When you’re finished, you’ll have done much more than add practical experience to your theoretical knowledge. You’ll have learnt about issues key to your subject area and about how Bosch Rexroth approaches them. You’ll have learnt more about us and yourself, and gained insights into your options after graduation. And who knows? Perhaps we’ll see each other again at the start of your career.

What do we expect from you as a student? If you have good grades and wish to make an active and committed contribution to our company, we welcome your application. You should feel comfortable working in a team and in an intercultural environment and be able to develop contacts in multiple areas. If you already have skills and knowledge in your subject area, even better.

Please apply via our job market! Join us during your studies and help set the world in motion!


Everyone needs a purpose. You can find yours here!

Program trendsetting control software? Support management decisions in the controlling division? Or open up new opportunities for our associates as part of the HR team? Wherever your strengths and interests may lie, we’ll provide the space to realise your potential.

You are well prepared, because your university studies have already laid the foundation for the launch of your career. Now you are eager to take on responsibility straight away in one of our areas of activity. Perhaps you already have a position or one of our entry programs in mind. Whichever position you choose, your career at Bosch Rexroth could lead you in a number of different directions. Our range of projects and responsibilities, combined with our international focus, encourage associates to delve into new technical and commercial topics, develop fresh ideas and get things moving. That’s why at Bosch Rexroth, we welcome talented candidates from all disciplines who want to leave their mark.

Please apply via our job market! Join us after your studies and help set the world in motion!

Junior Managers Program

If you are committed and ambitious and already know today that you want to take over managerial responsibility then apply for the Junior Managers Program of the Bosch Group. During a period of up to 24 months you pass through four to six stages, accompanied by a mentor from the upper management level. At the end you will be optimally equipped to set priorities as a manager.

Graduate Specialist Program

If you are motivated and creative and if you want to dive in deeply into your field of expertise then apply for the Graduate Specialist Program. Over the course of 24 months, the program will prepare you at different stages for a challenging specialist position – and offers you the chance to discover our international working environment.


Make the move to a market leader with innovative technology - and to a reliable employer!

Regardless of whether you are just starting your career or can demonstrate initial team leadership experience: we welcome well educated professionals with a breadth of knowledge and the ambition to still become better.


If you are one of our managers, we’ll entrust our most valuable resource to you: our associates. Because so much is at stake, we set high standards – professionally as well as personally – for every level of management, and we require the right combination of expertise and leadership competence. You’ll find, therefore, that our managers have a thorough understanding of their area and their colleagues’ responsibilities.


If you acquired experience at another company after your university or postgraduate studies, you can take your career as an expert to a new level with the Bosch Rexroth team. Here you can expect exciting responsibilities and the opportunity to continue expanding your knowledge because we want you to get to the root of challenges. We have interesting projects and responsibilities awaiting your expertise – whether you have a technical or commercial background.

Skilled workers

Whether you wish to work as an assembly line worker in production or cutting machine operator: we offer a range of diverse responsibilities along with the opportunity to reorient your career and take a step forward.

Please apply via our job market! Join us and help set the world in motion!

Communication is the key: our associate goal and performance dialogue

Our associate development tools are open to all our associates around the globe. Communication is an important aspect in the design of the individual development plan. The keystone in this process is the annual performance dialogue with your direct manager. In this dialogue, we discuss your performance, responsibilities and projects over the previous year - and set the course for the coming year.

Realizing above-average potential: the development program for exceptional talent

If you demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit, a success-driven way of working, new ideas, and the courage to take the initiative, you might be a candidate for our development program for talented specialists and managers. This program systematically prepares top talents for higher management, projects or specialist positions.

We are currently creating a global job market that will advertise all Bosch vacancies around the world. If the country of your choice is not yet listed, please visit that country’s website to look for local vacancies.