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Bosch Rexroth ProBuilder Helps a 326-year-old Tea Company Move at a Modern Pace with VarioFlow plus

Family owned and operated, Yamamotoyama was founded in Tokyo in 1690. Kahei Yamamoto II had a dream of introducing green tea, which at that time was only accessible to the wealthy, not to the general public. He learned that steaming the tea leaves instead of brewing them, which was the accepted method at that time, resulted in a more delicious, sweet tasting tea that retained its nutrients. The tea was an instant sensation, making Yamamotoyama a household name. Since that time the company has expanded its operations around the globe while staying current with modern manufacturing methods. Today, the company remains family owned and continues to specialize in manufacturing green tea and nori seaweed.

Yamamotoyama of America was seeking to improve its Pomona, CA production operations in order to achieve greater productivity and flexibility in producing multiple products. The facility operates multiple IMA tea bag manufacturing and carton machines, each of which can produce 300 tea bags (which is 18 full cartons of tea bags) per minute. Once cartons are produced, the next step in the process is packing the full tea cartons into shipper cases, then labeling the cases and palletizing for shipment. As management at Yamamotoyama planned to expand production, they needed to add more automated case packers, which in turn needed to be sourced from the tea cartoning machines. A carton delivery conveyor system from the tea cartoners to the case packers was needed, with the ability to organize multiple flavors to the case packers in the proper grouping of 12 cartons per flavor.

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