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From the communication of know-how in PLC systems to complex plants with robot systems - our systems for automation cover practically every requirement in this field.

mMS: 3 desks which can be put together to form a complete system

The modular mechatronics system (mMS) from Rexroth is comprised of three desks which can be put together to form a complete system. Each desk has its own PLC. This enables up to 6 students to work on the system. The mMS covers all the technologies for driving, control and motion such as pneumatics, hydraulics, electric drives, linear motion technology, sensory systems, control technology PLC programming or Profibus DP.

CMS: Robot system

The Cartesian motion system (CMS) is in the robot system which is used for exercises in the field of robot programming and safety technology.

TS1: Transfer system

The TS1 transfer system is a transfer section which can be used for exercises in the field of PLC programming in combination with electric drives with sensory system.

ATS: Combination of mMS, CMS and TS1 to form one system

The ATS training system is a combination of mMS, CMS and TS1. This results in a system which demonstrates the production workflow, from material feed to delivery of the finished products.

Sensory system: Various component kits

Our program in the field of sensory systems covers a range of component kits concerned with the topic of sensory systems: A basic kit, an advanced kit, an automation kit and two kits for AS-Interface. In combination with the material samples case, they can be used to explain which sensor type is used when.

PLC with universal simulator: 24 different exercises on a single simulator

This system can be used to carry out 24 different exercises on a universal simulator.

PLC Snap-In: Use of a PLC on a grooved plate

This enables the PLC to be used on a grooved plate. No tools are required to be able to use the standard PLC; the inputs and outputs can be connected with normal instrument leads.

The WS200 training system – modular, compact, upgradable

The WS200 training system – modular, compact, upgradable

The new WS200 training system by Rexroth provides you with an ideal and inexpensive gateway to Rexroth's encyclopedic world of knowledge. The WS200 is a compact entry-level solution which covers all technologies and therefore is immensely versatile. Its clear structure gives you easy access to the world of hydraulics, pneumatics and automation.

WS200 is so flexible, it can easily be customized to meet the specific requirements of companies and teaching institutions, not to mention its excellent adaptability to a broad range of learning topics. In combination with teaching and learning resources, this modular and upgradable system provides individually tailored training and qualification programs for all levels from beginner to professional.