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Mineral Processing

Raw materials extraction for future technologies: Bosch Rexroth makes minerals extraction more efficient

- Reliable solutions for mineral processing
- Optimizing of productivity in any mineral processing stage
- Outstanding performance in the process

Mineral processing is a difficult balance. On the one hand, you need a high degree of force to twist, turn and crush unforgiving materials. On the other, you need fine control and versatility to get the job done right. That balance is just what Bosch Rexroth offers. Our rugged systems can optimize your productivity in any mineral processing stage. As durable as they are compact, our solutions withstand the shock loads and high continuous loads involved in working with mineral processing.

Yet while they protect your expensive machinery, they give you full control over speed, torque and force. Whatever your process, you get the flexibility and features that let you adapt. Combined with high reliability and long service life, that means solutions adapted for tomorrow’s challenges too.